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Just got word from East Carondelet promoter Herb Simmons on this past weekends events that will have major ramifications for the month of May at MMWA-SICW .


Travis Cook was on an all time high with the impressive win that the "Future" Donavan Ruddick had as he demolished Matt Harges. Ruddick quickly made a statement by winning the evenings Battle Royal" after Gary  Jackson and Ron  Powers went out on the floor and continued too battle. Ruddick manage to eliminate Danny Boy to get the win.




Special Guest host for the evening, Mr. Larry Matysik made a six man tag match that big six man tag will be old school, two out of three falls to a finish at the South Broadway Athletic Club for May 8th. The team of the connection with "Future" Donavan Ruddick will be facing Ron Powers, champion Dave Vaughn and another wrestler to be announced. Gary Jackson came to ring side demanding "The Connections" Travis Cook to put him on his team.


Jackson stated that though he hated Cook, he hated Ron Powers more. During Jacksons match with Bobby D, Ron Powers came to ringside and had to be separated. Once again our special guest host Mr. Matysik pleased the fans of the MMWA-SICW and made a match for East Carondelet on Saturday May 15th, Gary Jackson will battle Ron Powers in the first of a double "Main Event"!.


You will not want to miss MMWA-SICW wrestling in May


May 8th South Broadway Athletic Club Travis Cook's The Connection "The Future" Donovan Ruddick, Gary Jackson and a surprise partner taking on MMWA-SICW Champion Dave Vaughn, Ron Powers and a surprise partner in a two out of three falls match


May15th East Carondelet The first of a double main event. Gary Jackson meets his arch rival RON POWERS !!!


Don't miss it !!



April Show Results


4/3 at South Broadway:-At the start of the show, representatives from the Missouri Wrestling Revival website presented the Promotion Of The Year award for 2009!


-Johnny Courageous d. Isick Manson by reversing a small package.


-Purple Passion d. Rockin' Al with a legdrop off the second turnbuckle and a handful of tights on the pin cover.


-A.J. Williams d. Brandon Espinosa with the superkick to retain the Jr. Heavyweight Title.


-Gary Jackson fought "The Future" Donovan Ruddick to a double countout. Travis Cook made an appearance to boost his monetary offer to Future to join the Connection...


-The Big Texan & Waco fought The Lumberjacks to a double DQ to retain the Tag Team Titles after all four men brawled in and around the ring and the referees could not regain control of the match.


-Heavyweight Champion Dave Vaughn d. Phil E. Blunt(w/ Travis Cook) by DQ; Blunt survived the spear and Vaughn survived the Dope Drop, leading to Blunt getting frustrated and choking Vaughn past the five-count. Future ran into the ring and stared down Blunt, but then turned and decked Vaughn, thus officially joining the Connection!


-Ron Powers(w/ Danny Boy) vs. Billy Diamond & Bobby D never officially started as Travis Cook petitioned the state representative to keep Powers out of the match due to licensing issues. Powers and Danny Boy chased Cook back to the dressing room after that...


-Billy Diamond d. Moondog Rover via rollup with feet on the ropes.4/10 at East Carondelet:-Tag Team Champion The Big Texan(w/ Waco) d. Purple Passion with the big splash(5:13).


-Jaysin Static d. Sean Vincent(w/ Travis Cook) via rollup after Vincent missed a swing with the flagpole of his Canadian flag(11:24).


-"The Future" Donovan Ruddick(w/ Travis Cook) won a battle royal, last eliminating Danny Boy Hawkins. Other participants in the battle royal included: Big Texan, Sean Vincent & Jaysin Static(who eliminated each other), Isick Manson, Mephisto, Brandon Espinosa, Waco, Chance King, Max Archer, Moondog Rover, Gary Jackson & Ron Powers(who eliminated each other). Jackson & Powers continued to brawl after the match, renewing their long rivalry!


-A six-man best-of-three-falls tag was announced for the next South Broadway show on 5/8 with The Connection against Heavyweight Champion Dave Vaughn, Ron Powers, and a partner to be named later. Travis Cook was concerned about Future getting banged up en route to his inevitable title shot at Vaughn, but Gary Jackson offered to team with the Connection for one night only to get his hands on Ron Powers once again! Cook wasn't sure about the idea at first, but then decided that Jackson and Powers could take each other out and rid the Connection of two problems at once...


-Isick Manson d. Moondog Rover after hitting him with his own bone and getting a double-leg pin with feet on the ropes(11:13).


-Gary Jackson d. Bobby D with the Texas Cloverleaf after Bobby missed a kneedrop off the top rope(10:44). Ron Powers attempted to confront Jackson before the match and the situation threatened to get out of hand once again, but things settled down when "guest host" Larry Matysik signed them to face each other at the next East Carondelet show on May 15th...their first one-on-one matchup in several years!


-"The Future" Donovan Ruddick(w/ Travis Cook) d. Max Archer with the Iconoclasm(3:24). Larry Matysik said that if Future won the match, he would get his shot at Dave Vaughn on May 15th!


-Ron Powers & Danny Boy Hawkins d. Brandon Espinosa & Mephisto when Powers suplexed Mephisto to set him up for a splash off the second turnbuckle by Danny Boy for the win(13:44).



The Lumberjacks with fan Sarah Fox of St. Clair, MO
The Lumberjacks with fan Sarah Fox of St. Clair, MO



The Lumberjacks Abe & Gabe told PWD they are going after the MMWA - SICW tag team titles at all cost, so Texan & Waco need to watch out!  Abe and Gabe said, "This is the year The LJs will be going after all tag team titles in other feds!  So watch out all you other tag teams out there!   If your promoter books The LJs on their show, we will come after the titles!  With 21 years of wars in the ring, we know what we are doing.  Breakin' bones and puttin' other tag teams down for the 1,2,3, are what we do in the ring!  So watch out other feds!  The LJs are ready to come after your tag team titles!  Also Japan or UK Feds, and WWE / TNA -  you need to book The LJs!  It's time for The LJs to be seen in your fed!  We are a sure money maker and would be some great competition for all your teams out there, so research The LJs and bring us in for something different for the fans.  The LJs will give your teams some bone breakin' and  beat down action old school style!  It's time for The LJs to come your way for tag team action ... check out The Lumberjacks Abe & Gabe on their website at : and on their MySpace.


Thanks to The Lumberjacks, the MMWA-SICW forum, and also Missouri Wrestling Revival.



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