The Lumberjacks Abe and Gabe

The following interview was done by was recently able to get an exclusive interview with The Lumberjacks.  The Lumberjacks are probably the most recognized tag teams at MMWA-SICW.  They are great wrestlers in both tag team, and singles action.  How long have the Lumberjacks been wrestling as a tag team at MMWA-SICW?


The Lumberjacks:  About 6 years together, but we have been wrestling for 13 years all together, before we got together as a tag team.  Last month Allen won the Battle Royal Title. How do each of you feel about this?


The Lumberjacks:  We feel great.  We have seen each other win titles over the years and we support each other.  Who would you say has been the toughest tag team that you have faced?


The Lumberjacks:  The former WWF Moondogs when we went down south to wrestle for galaxy championship wrestling.   How did you each get your start in the wrestling business?


The Lumberjacks:  We went down to WCCW in Dallas Texas and went to get on there but things did not work out so we came back to St. Louis and found out about the MMWA-SICW.  Abe was first to start there then a year later Gabe started.   This September, you two will be getting a Tag Team Title Shot against Ace Strange and Wild Child. Are you worried about the new group, 4-Play?


The Lumberjacks:  We are not worried about them at all because we have faced them all before.  But we can say we will go at them hard and tough and we plan on putting them down for the big 3 count and getting the victory.   There has been a lot of confusion as far as your names go. Why are you sometimes called Abe and Gabe, and at the matches referred to as Allen and Andy? Which do you prefer?


The Lumberjacks:  Abe and Gabe are our wrestling names which we prefer and use on out of town shows we used them in the MMWA-SICW for awhile but every one just started calling us by our real names so it just went from their.  We still use Abe and Gabe even though that is what we sign all of our autographs the fans like it and we like it too.   How do the two of you feel about "hardcore", or "extreme" style wrestling?


The Lumberjacks:  We like them both any type of wrestling is great and we would like to do some hardcore or extreme.  We think the Lumberjacks would be good at both of them.   What is the strangest match you two have ever been in?


The Lumberjacks:  Well we think it was a four corners tag match, it was really rough, and we think there was a time with a battle royal where you could bring what you wanted to in the ring with you.  That was strange   How would you describe the tag team division at MMWA-SICW?


The Lumberjacks:  Some of the best around the MMWA-SICW has really some of the top talent around in the St. Louis wrestling area.  Ok, now I will give you a wrestler, and if you could, give me a short response to each.   Lightfoot.


The Lumberjacks:  A very good young talent.   The Hellraiser.


The Lumberjacks:  A guy you really got watch out for.  Major Pain.


The Lumberjacks:  Strange.  You never know what he is going to do next.   Lacey.


The Lumberjacks:  One of the best women wrestlers we have seen in the MMWA-SICW and will be the next big MMWA-SICW women wrestling star.  Sgt. Kile.


The Lumberjacks:  Looks very tough for a little guy, but really knows what he is doing in the ring.  Is there anything else you would like to add?


The Lumberjacks:  Just that there are new Lumberjacks.  We have a new attitude and were going to get tough and do what we got to do to get what we want.  So get ready MMWA-SICW were going to stomp some butts and make some noise in the MMWA-SICW to get back on top, and get the tag team gold back around our waist so here we come. We are the Lumberjacks and we are going to the top where we belong, so get ready for us to get tough and make some noise be it.....The Lumberjacks are coming on strong in the wrestling scene and we are making noise in a lot of other wrestling organizations and big things are coming the lumberjacks way.  So get ready to hear a lot about the Lumberjacks....  Thank you for the time to conduct this interview. It has been a pleasure. On behalf of, thank you, and best of luck to you both!


The Lumberjacks:  Thank you, and see you at the next show.

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